About Ingebat

Ingebat is a Monaco based project management firm directed by Jeremy Swales. Of English origin, he now has over thirty years of building experience in France.

From apartments to châteaux; Jeremy’s hands-on experience in every aspect of renovation enables him to give clear, honest advice to the client, as well as trouble shoot with the trades. Ingebat guides their clients through the myriad of French administrative intricacies, oversees architectural plans, files for permits with the local authorities, helps to establish the look and style of the renovation, assists in the choice of materials and fixtures, and follows the multitude of details inherent in all projects.

Thanks to long-term working relationships with the building trades, the client is able to benefit from Ingebat’s negotiation skills.


  • Pre-Project Study
  • Financial Management
  • Site Management
  • Planning applications
  • Architectural Plans
  • Design Concepts
  • Engineering Studies
  • Sourcing of all Materials
  • Guidance through all building regulations
  • Certificates of conformity
  • Jeremy Swales


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